Extreme Weather and Climate Action; let’s bring the conversation to the table


Khartoum, 13-October-2019.

Panel (from left to right): Ms.Reem Elhussien, UNESCO chair project coordinator, Mr. Izzeldin Hashim Mohmmed, Sand Dam expert at SOS Sahel Sudan, UNDP representative Madame Hanan Mutwakil, Mr. Adil Mohamed Ali, coordinator of Green Climate Fund Project (UNDP/HCENR), and Climathon Khartoum 2019 project lead Ms Lina Adil.

On Global Climathon Day, 25th October 2019, over 100 cities will organize a solutions-hackathon aimed to tackle local climate challenges. The hackathon is part of Climathon, a global year-round programme initiated by EIT Climate-KIC, to mobilize cities and citizens to take climate action, together.

Within 5 years, Climathon’s grassroots-led movement has grown from 19 cities in 16 countries to events in over 100 cities travelling well beyond Europe to Sri Lanka, Sudan, The Philippines, Honduras and Pakistan. 

In Khartoum, the Climathon takes place from 12-October-2019 until 04-January-2019 and will focus on raising awareness about climate change and also generate ideas of projects that aim to solve the challenge of Extreme weather events in Sudan. Climathon Khartoum is organised by Impact Hub Khartoum in partnership with UNDP Sudan and in collaboration with Mutasim Nimir Center for Environmental Culture and the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society

Climathon Khartoum kicked off on the 12th of October 2019 with the first public symposium, which addressed the topic of climate change impacts and adaptation in our society with special focus on women. Opening remarks were given by resident representative of UNDP Mrs. Hanan Mutwakil, team lead of livelihood unit, and Khalid Ali, co-founder of Impact Hub Khartoum.

UNDP resident representitive Madame Hanan Mutwakil

This was followed by presentations given by a panel of experts comprising of, Ms.Reem Elhussien, UNESCO chair project coordinator, Mr. Adil Mohamed Ali, coordinator of Green Climate Fund Project (UNDP/HCENR), and Mr. Izzeldin Hashim Mohmmed, Sand Dam expert at SOS Sahel Sudan. 

The symposium took place at Dafallah Elturabi Hall in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum.

Ms Reem Elhussien commenced by explaining the dangers of climate change and the rapidness of increased temperatures in Sudan, emphasizing the fact that the rise is at an accelerated rate  in comparison to the  global average, rendering Sudan uninhabitable in few years unless action is taken. 

Mr. Adil Ali continued on to talk about the NAPA project that was implemented in 2007 in an effort to combat extreme weather events causing displacement of farmers and villagers in search for better living conditions. He  also spoke presented “Building Resilience in the Agriculture and Water Sectors to the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change in Sudan” ; a project implemented by the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR) and supported by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP). 

Mr. Izzeldin from SOS Sahel Sudan introduced sand dams as an innovative technology that tackles the challenge of droughts. He explained how the mechanism behind the sand dams and how this technique is a sustainable and an effective solution to the pressing problem of droughts in certain areas in Sudan.So far, sixty to seventy sand dams have already been constructed in Sudan by SOS Sahel Sudan, but more is definitely needed. 

Mr. Izzeldin Hashim Mohmmed, Sand Dam expert at SOS Sahel Sudan.

The first symposium ended with interesting discussions between the panelists and the audience where it was clear that new ideas and solutions were already starting to ignite. This symposium will be followed by a second one on the 19th of October 2019 and it will address the topic Climate Change and Peace.

Climathon empowers citizens, cities and local economies to come together to develop local solutions to cities’ climate challenges. Powered by dynamic and dedicated Local Organisers, Climathon has grown to over 100 cities and with a global reach in the millions.

Applications to Climathon Khartoum 2019 will close on 16.10.2019

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